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Baillie Gifford share portfolio adjustment in 1Q 2024

 Baillie Gifford Portfolio Adjustment in Q1 2024

Baillie Gifford , a century-old investment management firm, recently disclosed its 13F filings for the first quarter of 2024. The firm is known for its commitment to long-term, bottom-up investing, with a focus on companies with potential. for sustainable and superior growth. Baillie Gifford manages the assets of some of the world's most prominent institutional investors with a strategy that emphasizes fundamental analysis and proprietary research.

Review of new positions

Baillie Gifford added 15 new stocks to its portfolio this quarter, reflecting significant acquisitions across a range of sectors:

  • Symbotic Inc (NASDAQ:SYM) led the pack of new companies with 9,483,371 shares, representing 0.33% of the portfolio and valued at $426.75 million.
  • Next comes JSC (NASDAQ:KSPI)  with 1,147,213 shares, representing about 0.11% of the portfolio, totaling $147.58 million.
  • Brunswick Corp (NYSE:BC) was also a notable addition, with 1,293,415 shares worth $124.84 million, representing 0.1% of the portfolio.

Increasing key positions
The firm also increased its stakes in several companies, with the most significant increases occurring in:

  • Nu Holdings Ltd (NYSE:NU) , which added 54,681,625 shares, bringing the total number of shares to 169,450,124. The change marked a 47.65% increase in the number of shares and impacted the portfolio by 0.51% from with a total value of $2.02 billion.
  • Coupang Inc (NYSE:CPNG) also saw significant gains, adding another 23,076,870 shares, bringing the total to 168,600,998 shares worth $2.99 ​​billion.

Sold Out Summary
Baillie Gifford has fully closed 13 positions in the first quarter of 2024, including:

  • Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc (NYSE:BR) saw all 2,803,441 shares traded, impacting the portfolio by -0.46%.
  • Twilio Inc (NYSE:TWL) was also completely liquidated, with 3,863,887 shares traded, resulting in a portfolio decline of -0.23%.

Reduction of key positions
Significant reductions were made in several holdings, in particular:

  • NVIDIA Corp (NASDAQ:NVDA) shares fell 3,470,363 shares, down -25.2%, impacting the portfolio by -1.36%. The stock traded at an average price of $724.8 during the quarter and has returned 32.35% over the last three months and 68.45% year-to-date.
  • NIO Inc (NYSE:NIO) shares fell 95,730,817, down -83.51%, impacting the portfolio by -0.68%. The stock's average trading price for the quarter was $6.03, with returns of -8.06% over the past three months and -42.12% year-to-date.

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