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Choosing the right stock broker

To be the best - you need
to work with the best!

For every trader, one of the main tasks is choosing the right stock broker. No matter how successful a trader is in his market forecasts and analytics, if he is mistaken with the choice of a broker, then this trader risks losing all or part of the money from his trading account due to the wrong choice of a brokerage company.

Our company, providing the services of our broker, made the best conditions in the trading industry for our clients. Trading conditions, together with the complete safety of funds, make the trading accounts of our traders unique and unparalleled in the world in terms of trading opportunities.

Better conditions
Better conditions
Comparison of US Margin Loan Rates
Comparison of US commission rates
  $25 K $200 K $1,5 M $3,5 M 100 shares 1 stock option 1 E-mini S&P 500 Futures
Masters Trade/IBKR
1,62% 1,37% 0,99% 0,76% $0,35 $0,50 $0,85
E-Trade 7,94% 6,14% 3,89% 3,89% $7,99 $8,74 $2,99
Fidelity 7,575% 6,575% 3,750% 3,750% $7,95 $8,70 No
OptionsXpress 8,25% 7,00% 6,00% 6,00% $8,95 $12,95 $3,50
Schwab 8,00% 6,875% 6,25% 6,00% $8,95 $9,70 No
TD Ameritrade 8,50% 7,25% 6,25% 6,25% $9,99 $10,74 $2,25
Ally 8,50% 7,25% 6,25% 6,25% $9,99 $10,74 $2,25
Forex Profitability

Our foreign exchange spreads and substantial liquidity have helped our clients to make money in the foreign exchange market. Our clients' accounts are the most profitable among other brokers in the world.

Percentage of profitable and unprofitable accounts according to NFA data for the last 10 years.
  % Profit % Loss Total accounts Spread margins
Masters Trade/IBKR 46,9% 53,1% 460 416 No
OANDA 37,4% 62,6% 21 139 Yes
Gain 33,0% 67,0% 10 796 Yes
TradeStation 36,5% 63,5% 7 146 Yes
FXCM 32,0% 68,0% 26 617 Yes
CitiFX 44,0% 56,0% 615 Yes

SmartRouting is a unique tool for successful traders

SmartRouting is a search for the best price of a financial instrument that a trader is trading, and it is SmartRouting that allows you to execute an order at the best market price.

SmartRouting work on our clients' accounts.
  Masters Trade/IBKR
Industry Client profit
US Stocks
(per 100 shares)
$0.72 $0.31 $0.41
US Options
(per contract)
$0.86 $0.62 $0.24
European Stocks
(per 100 shares)
€0.37 €-1.39 €1.76

Why are other brokers lagging behind us?

Our results would be even more impressive if we consider that statistics are not kept for other routers and it is difficult to understand their order processing speed.

Unlike other routers, SmartRouting always fills your orders. It constantly evaluates rapidly changing market conditions and dynamically reroutes all or part of your order in order to achieve optimal execution and maximum rebate return.
SmartRouting presents every change in the spread and looks for the best price.
SmartRouting autosave - redirects and save the order.
You can use the dark pools in SmartRouting to provide better prices on high volume and bulk bulk orders and to take advantage of hidden order flows that may not be visible on exchanges. There are eight dark pools available.


Our smart router controls the accounting of the transaction costs along with the reward or fee for adding liquidity. For clients who want even more control over their orders, in the Trader Workstation terminal, clients can specify stock and option routing strategies for non-market orders. For stocks and options, clients can configure their non-market orders to be forwarded to:

Paying high rebates.
Optimization by symbol.
The largest volume of transactions and receiving rebates for adding liquidity.
The largest volume of transactions and payment of rebates for withdrawing liquidity.

Clients themselves can choose to send non-market Smart routers and choose their rebates. These routing directives can be set in the "Misc" tab by going to the orders tab, or as global default settings from smart routing on the configuration page.

To change the pricing structure, enter the Client Portal, then in the Account Administration select the Pricing Structure section.

Comparison of the conditions of the best brokers in the world


Masters Trade/IBKR

TD Ameritrade
1 share option contract

Masters Trade/IBKR

TD Ameritrade
1 futures contract

Masters Trade/IBKR

TD Ameritrade