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Investing and trading

Our masters
work for you!
Masters Trade
Masters Trade is an association of experienced traders and fund managers.
Management of our masters on investor accounts through trading on exchanges.
Opening accounts for individual traders for independent trading in the markets.
Professional training in exchange trading with our managing masters.

Exchange services for investors and traders

Why Masters?

  Masters Trade is a team of the best masters (managers) which includes successful traders, experienced hedge fund managers and investor portfolios, assembled by our masters based on the results of successful trading and effective money management over many years of trading.

  Investing with Masters Trade funds is the best way to increase capital through trading and investing on world stock exchanges.


Honesty with Investors

  Masters Trade fund managers, in addition to all their advantages, conduct an honest and open policy with their investors. Each investor has the opportunity to view the manager’s online trading, the balance of his account with a second-by-second update, watch detailed trading reports, monitor the manager in the process of his work, and at any time, if the investor doesn’t arrange anything, take money from his account.


Unique MetaTrader 5

   The most innovative in the MetaTrader line
   Improved GUI
   A large number of trading instruments
   Exchange functions Level 2 and Time & Sales
   Built-in store of advisers and scripts
   The new generation of MQL-5 programming
   New periods of graphical analysis
   And many other new options ....


Markets and Tools

    The ability to trade on more than 2000+ instruments from one universal account.

    Solid quotes are directly connected to the Electronic Communication Network.

    All assets have no commissions and no hidden fees, only a spread.

    Fractional lots provide an opportunity to build the right risks for the trader.


Your Exchange Partner

We are working. You earn!

"Each of our managing masters is interested in investor profitability, since the master only earns when the investor earns!"