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Risks for an investor when connecting to funds

Professional risk management

Masters Trade is open about risk and is revolutionizing the investment industry by demonstrating its professionalism. Using our own developments, we significantly reduce risks, creating a full range of investment services for the convenience of the investor.

Investment and investment instruments - be it a bank deposit, the purchase of exchange-traded assets, or even any private business, are associated with possible risks of capital loss. Our main task is to minimize the possible risks of losing money when investing.

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About safety

Each investor, when looking for a company to manage his assets and in the desire to profit from financial transactions, should pay attention to the risks when investing. Choosing an unreliable investment company, an investor runs the risk of losing part or all of the funds on his deposit.

Common risks when investing

Investment risk

Investment risk is the likelihood of a decrease in the invested funds or the loss of a part of the initial deposit amount on the investor's personal account. As a rule, investment risks arise as a result of ineffective actions of the managing trader. Our company is responsible for the investment risks of our clients. Our main priority is not only to bring profit to our investors, but also to reduce risks in all available ways. Our team of fund managers and traders, with vast experience in trading and thousands of successful transactions on exchanges, bring stable income to our investor and correctly manage investment risks.

Funds safety risks

To guarantee the safety of funds, our company opens personal accounts with the world's best brokerage company. Realizing that the investor wants to invest his capital for a long time, even for many decades, and does not worry about the safety of funds, we have deposited the money of all our clients in the personal accounts of the world's best trading company, where their accounts are fully regulated by the state supervisory authorities of many countries. who issued licenses to our broker, as well as are insured against force majeure and bankruptcy of the brokerage company itself. The guarantee of the safety of our clients 'funds on their accounts is provided by our broker, our company does not bear risks of safety of clients' funds.

Risks of cheating by traders

Our company does not accept money and documents from our clients. We do not have access to clients' money. All investors' money is kept in our broker. We have a business relationship with the broker, since we are a completely different company and we do not influence the broker in any way, just as the broker does not influence us. And this is good, given the practice of unscrupulous investment companies that build pyramid schemes or disappear with clients' money. We removed from ourselves the options for safeguarding and accepting money and placed them on the individual accounts of the world's best trading company, as well as removed the possible suspicions of investors that our company can arbitrarily withdraw money from clients' accounts. Only the investor, the account holder and no one else can withdraw money. Our company only manages money, concluding transactions in the financial markets and works according to the principle - we earn only when the investor earns, since we receive income from the investor's profit.

Risks of hidden payments

There are no hidden fees in our company. We, unlike most other funds and investment companies, do not take 1-3% of the first installment of the initial deposit for joining the funds, we do not have any monthly subscription fee. Our company does not hold the investor's money as an annual deposit, which cannot be broken off ahead of schedule and allows the investor to withdraw from the fund and withdraw the funds together with the earned profit when the investor himself wants. Our company receives from the investor an agreed and approved percentage of the net profit that we made on the investor's account.

Risks of losing all your money

Using the rules of risk management and money management on investor accounts by our professional managers in their trading, we strictly control the account from exceeding possible risks. By default, depending on the size of the account, our company has maximum losses per day, for example, 0.1% of the deposit amount, but the investor can make adjustments and change the maximum percentage of loss per day. The investor, at any time, can log into his account and control the account balance, open positions and possible risks on his account.

Risks of losses in a crisis

Some investors are wary of investing their money during the economic crisis. Investors' fears are understandable because many funds and companies went bankrupt during the crisis. Our company is different from these funds. These bankrupt funds and companies traded only by buying stocks and making a portfolio of them, not selling stocks in any way. Our company trades in different directions, not only buying, but also actively selling financial assets. All investor positions always have a stop loss level. The use of hedging methods and risk mitigation using a combination of options help to avoid losses not only in times of crisis, but also in daily trading. As the trading experience shows, our company earned more for investors during the crisis than during the usual period of time.

Asset quality risks

Many investors are rightly concerned about the quality of the financial instruments in their brokerage account. Investors do not want to own dubious trading assets. Our company will assure the investor that all trading assets - stocks, bonds, futures, options and other funds are taken by us directly on the exchange from the investor's registered account. We have direct access to over 200 exchanges and only deal with direct exchange-traded assets. We strongly discourage internal dealing, when assets and financial instruments are traded within one dealing center, the company's investors' funds managers are connected with this dealing center, and this dealing is set up to inflict losses on the investor and transfer the investor's money to the account of this company, of course, in this In this case, there is no direct access to the exchange.

Big profit risks

The growth of an investor's profit in our company directly depends on the risks when trading with our manager on his account. The greater the profit, the greater the risk. The main task of our company is to work with minimal risks and by all possible methods to avoid reducing the investor's initial deposit. The average guaranteed profit for an investor in our company is about 20% per year in the currency of the deposit, usually the US dollar. On the Internet, you can find investment companies that promise investors a profit of 100% or more per year, but, as our vast experience shows, the investor loses all money, including the initial deposit, working with such unscrupulous companies. We are not swindlers, we value our reputation for many decades working honestly and openly with investors and understand what is real to make money on exchanges and markets, and what not!

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