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The relationship of our company with our broker

Cooperation with a broker

Masters Trade maintains an honest and understandable relationship with its broker, which is understandable to our partners and clients. We offer our clients to use all the advantages of our brokerage company and add our own trading opportunities.

We adhere to all instructions and recommendations of our broker, which operate within the law and under the supervision of government regulators. We will provide our clients with an efficient and versatile brokerage account.

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About safety

Choosing a stock broker

Our company is very responsible when it comes to choosing a broker for our clients. In the process of testing a broker, our traders first open individual accounts to get acquainted with the trading conditions, trading instruments, technologies of a brokerage company, watch how this broker works with clients, check the reliability and safety of money in accounts, make deposits and withdrawals from the account. The process of testing a broker by our traders can last from several months to several years. The purpose of our broker testing is to provide our investors and traders with the best conditions in the investment and trading industry.

We have created advanced solutions when the capabilities and experience of our company, together with the trading conditions of our broker, bring profit to our clients.

Masters Trade takes advanced trading technologies from our broker and adds its own trading advantages. The combined capabilities of the two companies make Masters Trade a leader in the investment and trading industry.

What kind of relationship do we have with the broker?

Our company is not part of a broker, we are different companies and do not depend on each other, we have a business relationship with a broker and we respect each other. We are not shareholders of the broker, we have no acquaintances or colleagues working for this broker, and we do not influence the work of the broker in any way.

Our company is a regular institutional client of our broker. We have an open account of a professional Financial Advisor in our broker, such an account can be opened by any company on the website of our broker.

Masters Trade adheres to all the requirements that our broker puts forward to effectively serve our clients. Our company strictly adheres to the laws and requirements of government regulatory agencies for our company's accounts and for our clients' accounts.

Accounts, documents and money

Our broker opens accounts for all our clients. Our broker accepts documents for client identification when opening a brokerage account. The money of all our clients is accepted, stored and returned to our client by our broker.

The guarantee of the safety of clients funds extends to the accounts of our clients, since our broker is the holder of our clients' accounts and it is with the broker that all our clients open their accounts.

Our company is an investor account manager and trader's assistant. All of our clients' accounts are under our company account, our company's master account, which is located in our brokerage company.

Masters Trade in its work has chosen a model in which money and documents of our clients are separated from our company, in order to demonstrate the honesty and openness of our company in relation to our clients. Our company does not have access to our clients' documents. Our company cannot withdraw money from the client's account, only the client himself can withdraw his money from his account. Unlike most companies, we open and maintain accounts for our clients in an independent company, to which we do not have access.

We removed our client's possible suspicions of possible manipulation on his brokerage account.

The main principle of our work is that we earn only when our client earns.

Masters Trade does not accept money or documents from our customers. Our broker accepts and stores money and documents of our clients. Our company provides high-quality exchange services to the investor and trader who have opened an account through us with our broker.

Broker risks

Our company is not responsible for the broker's risks. The holder of accounts and funds of our clients is our broker and safety of funds, account maintenance, access to trading resources, instruments, trading reports, working trading platforms, etc. - this is all the competence, responsibility and risks of the broker.

Our company bears only investment risks in our management of investors' funds in their brokerage accounts.

Risks for traders, such as problems with platforms, problems with quotes, an order did not work correctly, a trading instrument does not work, an error in account management, any money issues, etc. on servicing traders are considered to be the broker's risks, since the broker is the holder of our traders' accounts.

Our company, upon suspicion of manipulation, incorrect operation of the broker, problems in servicing our clients or other force majeure on the part of our broker, can publish information on its website and inform all our clients about possible problems of the brokerage company and recommend solutions to problems.

Broker relationship