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Investor control of their money

Guarantee of honesty and decency

The main principle of our company is honest and open relationship with our investor. In the model of our work, we gave our investor all the fullness of financial capabilities - full access and control of the account on all resources, separated the investor's money from our company and, for safety and reliability, placed it on the accounts of one of the world's best stock brokers. The broker provided a state guarantee of the safety of investors' money and insurance of the account against force majeure.

We have removed the risks of investor doubts associated with possible suspicions of any fraud and manipulation of the investor's money by our company. Only the investor himself has access to managing the investor's money; in our company, there are no options such as withdrawing money or configuring the investor's account. The broker, at our request, turned off these options for us so that the investor would not doubt our honesty and decency, we only have the option to make exchange transactions on the investor's account.

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Account control resources

Client portal

In the Client's Portal or in the Personal Account, the investor has access to a full range of functions and settings for his account. An investor can view and control all trading operations, money balances, the presence of open and closed positions with a full history of executed orders and concluded deals, withdraw and deposit money, make a configuration, get additional support or use many other important options on his personal brokerage account.

Trading platform

Each investor has full access to the trading of his manager in the financial markets and can enter the trading platform with his username and password to see how the trader is trading. Our unique trading platform with a wide range of trading tools, effectively used by market makers, institutional and individual clients, which has no analogues in the world, has every opportunity for an investor to control his account.

Mobile device

Access and control of the account by the investor, wherever in the world he would not be at a given time. Directly from your Android or IoS mobile device. Using the gadget, an investor can view trade statistics, activity and the trades themselves online from their phone or tablet

Web platform

Simple yet feature rich platform. Ideal for investors who prefer to work in a browser window. It is in the browser window that an investor can enter his trading platform to view account balances and money changes after trading operations of his managing trader. The Web Platform can be accessed from any computer that has an Internet connection and does not require installation on that computer.

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