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"We do what seems impossible today, so that tomorrow it will become a new opportunity for our clients, a new trend for the market, a new benchmark for competitors." Masters Trade

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Masters Trade is a trading and investment company that provides professional, high-quality exchange services for investors, traders, risk managers, legal entities, individual and institutional clients of all levels.

With many advantages over competitors, our company has taken a leading position in the exchange industry by providing our clients with revolutionary trading opportunities and a new standard of service.

The main goal of our company is to provide our clients with the best conditions in the investment and trading industry, provide them with advanced trading solutions and increase the capital of our clients.

The online resources of the masters are made in 14 languages of the world - English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and include more than 50 websites and 100 social networks with a potential audience more than 5 billion people.

Services of our company

For investor

Our company manages investor accounts. The investor places capital in a broker's account and transfers it to the trust management of our company in order to generate profit for the investor from our trading on stock exchanges and financial markets.

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For trader

Our company provides favorable trading conditions for traders and direct access to exchanges and financial markets. Global access to more than 200 exchanges in 30 countries and low commissions for a trader make us the leaders in the trading industry.

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For businessman

Our company will reduce business risks and help neutralize the risks of an entrepreneur in the future. Using hedging in the markets, we help our clients financial losses and fix the desired product price for our client.

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For student

Professional training for trading on stock exchanges and financial markets. Our experienced teachers and fund managers will teach you how to trade successfully on exchanges and share their trading strategies that they use every day in trading.

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Masters Trade provides a range of services for investors and traders. A personal brokerage account and direct access to exchanges, with the ability to trade stocks, options, futures, currencies, CFDs, bonds and other financial assets, give us an edge over competitors in the trading industry.

Our favorable conditions and low commissions, improved trading technologies in terms of order execution and processing, providing a high-quality trading terminal Trader Workstation (TWS), security and safety of funds with regulation by the US commission and commissions of other countries of the world, training for traders to be able to trade profitably, professional management investor funds and the return of funds to the management of our traders, detailed reporting and analysis of trade transactions and portfolio in the personal account, round-the-clock support and many other advantages that our clients have already appreciated and made us a leader in the trading industry.

For investor and trader