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New opportunities in the
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Maximum convenience, ease of use, safety of money and direct access to more than 200 exchanges around the world make our solutions for the trader the best in the trading industry.

Masters Trade opens a unique and versatile account for the trader with the world's best broker.

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Account opening instructions

  • 1. Application for opening an account

    Filling out the form and submitting an application on this page of the site to identify the trader. After filling out and sending the forms, an individual link will be available to continue opening a brokerage account, a letter with the continuation of registration will also be sent to the email address specified when filling out the forms.

    Our manager, if necessary, will contact the trader using the investor's contact information, which he wrote when filling out the form on this page.

  • 2. Opening a brokerage account

    After clicking on his individual link to the broker's website, the trader begins the process of registering his account. A trader fills out an online questionnaire, indicating his personal data, which is needed to open a personal brokerage account for a trader with our broker.

    The trader in the online form fills in his personal data in English.

    Personal data must be correct so that the broker can make account insurance for the trader and so that government regulators can identify the trader and, in cases of force majeure, return the money to the investor.

    The trader can familiarize himself with the agreements for opening and maintaining an account, which will be available in the process of filling out an application for opening an account.

    In the process of filling out the questionnaire, the trader needs to write down on a piece of paper or take a screenshot to remember his personal 3 answers to the selected 3 control questions, which will help the broker identify the client in the future in cases of the investor losing his password or when the investor makes global changes to the trading account.

    Our company does not have access to the trader's questionnaire and his personal data, which he filled out on the broker's website, but we can always help a trader fill out the questionnaire when contacting us through the trader's support service.

  • 3. Sending documents to the broker

    After completing the online application on the broker's website, the trader needs to send supporting documents to our broker.

    The trader uploads the documents in the Client Portal. Documents are accepted in pdf or other graphic format. Documents can be downloaded via a web browser on a personal computer or online using a mobile phone.

    For individual traders, this is proof of identity (usually a passport or driver's license) and confirmation of the address indicated when filling out the questionnaire forms (as a rule, this is a bank statement or payment of utilities for the last 6 months). For legal entities, the package of documents is larger - this is the identification of one or more owners of the company with confirmation of the identity, their addresses and registration data of the company itself.

    Sometimes, the broker requires additional documents to identify the trader. We recommend the trader to provide these additional documents in order to receive a full-fledged account.

    Our company does not accept documents from clients and does not have access to the documents of its traders. All documents are accepted and stored by our broker.

    If you need advice or have any questions, a trader can contact the trader support service of our company for help.

  • 4. Funding the account

    After the account is approved by the broker, the trader sends money to his trading account.

    A trader, in order to fund his account, needs to enter the Client Portal, select the Send money menu and create a form with his bank details. In the future, this form will be used by the trader by default, and it is convenient for withdrawing and replenishing his account in future work. A trader can request an invoice from the broker with his own details for his bank, as confirmation of payment and money transfer to the broker.

    The broker only accepts wire transfers and does not accept credit, debit cards or any electronic money.

    The broker does not accept money from third parties. It is important that the name of the owner of the bank account is identical with the name of the owner of the brokerage account. If the names on the bank and brokerage accounts differ, the broker will not credit the money to the account, but will send it back to the trader and they will be returned to him after a while.

    The trader sends funds to his personal account opened with the broker and withdraws money from his personal account, which is kept with the broker.

    Masters Trade does not accept, store or send money back to traders. All the trader’s money is stored in the broker’s personal account and only the broker accepts, stores and sends the money back to the trader.

    When a trader requests to withdraw his money received from successful trading on exchanges or withdrawal of the body of the deposit, the money will be sent to the investor within 5 minutes and on the same day or maximum on the next day, it will be on the trader's bank account.

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