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"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it..." Warren Buffett

 Masters Trade has many advantages and a leading position in the exchange services industry and offers a new standard of service for its customers with a high-quality range of services and products that are unparalleled in the competition.

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About safety

 Our employees, as trading traders and fund managers, understand the main concerns and concerns of most clients and the inability of other companies to provide them with the right conditions. This manifests itself in the safety of capital, profitability, a narrow set of trading instruments, order execution, reliability, terminal, etc., Then the investor or trader starts looking for another company, spends his time looking for, opening an account, money for withdrawing-sending, a long acquaintance with new conditions and often such a search takes a very long time. Having lost a part of the funds, a trader or investor leaves trading.

 An important condition for investors and traders is to choose the right company with which the investor's money will increase, and the trader will grow, improve and no longer think about finding or changing a broker, but focus on trading.

 We provide the best conditions for investing and trading on global exchanges for clients of all types, from private investors to large corporate companies. Choosing our company, evaluating all our advantages and capabilities, we are sure that you will remain our satisfied client and you will no longer want to look for another company.

 Our company, based on experience, understood all the problems and mistakes of competitors and made every effort for the profitability and comfortable work of our clients.

The task of our company

 The main task of our company is to provide maximum comfort and profit for our clients.

 The main 3 tasks in the work of our company, which our company adheres to and these 3 tasks have made us leaders in the investment industry:

 Capital gains for clients. Our company is interested in the profitability of ours, because we earn on commissions for traders and on a percentage of the investor's net profit. We will receive our profits only when our clients receive profits.

 Control of risks and safety of money. The client must be sure of the complete safety of his funds, have money safety guarantees and insurance coverage.

 Honesty and openness. We value our reputation and authority, therefore, respectfully and always honestly conduct relations with our clients.

Examples of Leadership in the Trading Industry

Comparison of US Margin Loan Rates
Comparison of US commission rates
  $25 K $200 K $1,5 M $3,5 M 100 shares 1 stock option 1 E-mini S&P 500 Futures
Masters Trade/IBKR
1,62% 1,37% 0,99% 0,76% $0,35 $0,50 $0,85
E-Trade 7,94% 6,14% 3,89% 3,89% $7,99 $8,74 $2,99
Fidelity 7,575% 6,575% 3,750% 3,750% $7,95 $8,70 No
OptionsXpress 8,25% 7,00% 6,00% 6,00% $8,95 $12,95 $3,50
Schwab 8,00% 6,875% 6,25% 6,00% $8,95 $9,70 No
TD Ameritrade 8,50% 7,25% 6,25% 6,25% $9,99 $10,74 $2,25
Ally 8,50% 7,25% 6,25% 6,25% $9,99 $10,74 $2,25
Percentage of profitable and unprofitable accounts according to NFA data for the last 10 years.
  % Profit % Loss Total accounts Spread margins
Masters Trade/IBKR 46,9% 53,1% 460 416 No
OANDA 37,4% 62,6% 21 139 Yes
Gain 33,0% 67,0% 10 796 Yes
TradeStation 36,5% 63,5% 7 146 Yes
FXCM 32,0% 68,0% 26 617 Yes
CitiFX 44,0% 56,0% 615 Yes

Masters Trade/IBKR

TD Ameritrade
1 share option contract

Masters Trade/IBKR

TD Ameritrade
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Masters Trade/IBKR

TD Ameritrade
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