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  The process of joining Masters Trade funds is simple and will take no more than 10 minutes of his time in the investor.

Connects to investment funds of masters

  Before starting investing with Masters Trade, each investor should familiarize himself with the risks for investors, our privacy policy, the ability of an investor to control his account and view detailed reports.

  • Step 1. Application for investment

    Fill out the form on this page of our site to identify the investor, the investor selects the fund he likes based on trade statistics. Our support service will contact the investor if necessary.

  • Step 2. Opening an account with a broker

    The investor clicks on the link to the site of our prime broker indicated on the site or sent in an e-mail link. The investor fills out forms indicating his personal data. The broker creates for the investor a personal account and a personal brokerage account.

  • Step 3. Downloading documents

    The investor in his broker’s personal account that is already open uploads the necessary documents to identify the client: proof of identity (passport, driver’s license) and proof of address (receipt of utility bills, bank statement where the client’s address is indicated). All documents are sent and stored in a broker.

  • Step 4. Depositing funds

    After opening an account with our broker, each investor deposits funds into his personal trading account opened with this broker. You can deposit using a bank card or a bank transfer. The minimum investment amount is 100 US dollars.

  • Step 5. Adding to the fund

    After opening and financing an account with our prime broker, the investor transfers the account to our masters for management by signing a contract initiated by the broker. Our masters have access only to trade, access to personal information, we do not have money.

  • Payment to the master for management

    From the net profit on the trading account, the investor pays our master 30% for his work, 70% remains to the investor. The manager earns only when the investor earns.

  After depositing funds into your brokerage account, please contact support to add your account to the fund!

  Masters Trade maintains honest and open relationships with its investors with the disclosure of complete information to its customers. Maximum convenience, ease of use, full control of the account and instant withdrawal of funds from a brokerage account to your bank account make our solutions for investors one of the most convenient in the investment industry.


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