Risks for investors and traders

Customer Risks

  Masters Trade Fund only manages investor funds by trading in the financial markets on the investor’s existing account with the agreement of the investor.

  Masters Trade is only responsible for capital gains in the trading account of its investors and is not more responsible for other risks:

  Masters Trade does not accept money from clients and does not withdraw them, all money is stored in the account of the prime broker, while the broker accepts money from customers and withdraws it back.

  Masters Trade does not accept and do not store investor documents, all documents and personal data are stored in our prime broker.

  Masters Trade does not bear any risks for the work of the prime broker and we are a completely different legal entity and in no way participate in the life of the broker.

  Masters Trade does not have access to your personal account, documents, investor money and any manipulations or dishonesty of any of the Masters Trade fund employees are excluded and this is good, since we value our reputation and do not want to take the risks of a broker, even if this broker is one of the best in the world.

Market Risks of Traders

  Margin trading using leverage on financial is very complex and time-consuming work, which requires a serious approach to the work of the trader. This is not a game or a casino, it is a hard daily work using different types of market analysis and strict methods of risk management and money management, given that experienced hedge funds and banks in any country can trade against a trader.

  We recommend that if a trader does not have the knowledge and experience of trading in the financial markets, undergo training from our successfully working masters.

Security risks of customer funds

  Before opening an account with our prime broker, Masters Trade recommends that you carefully study the information about our prime broker by viewing licenses from regulatory authorities, communicating with broker support, reading contracts, guaranteeing the safety of funds in case of bankruptcy of the broker itself, feedback on the Internet, or using other methods of finding information.

  Masters Trade's offer to work with our prime broker is only advisory in nature and our fund does not give any guarantees about the reliability of the broker and the safety of funds, which in rare cases can lead to partial or complete loss of client funds in this broker, namely bankruptcy, insolvency, non-market quotes, manipulation of orders, trading terminal errors and other risks associated with market clearing and storage of clients' funds.

  The risks of total or partial loss of funds exist in all brokers and banks in the world, and there are many examples of bankruptcy of the largest financial institutions, especially during times of financial crisis, force majeure and dishonorable chief managers. Therefore, each investor or trader needs to be serious about choosing a broker.


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