Investor Confidentiality and Secret

non-disclosure of personal data
Investor Protection

  Strict observance of investor secrecy and ensuring the absolute safety of all information about transactions on the accounts of our clients is the most important principle of the work of Masters Trade funds.

  Masters Trade does not disclose information about investors, customers, users who have real accounts with us and are registered on the company's Internet portals, as well as their email addresses and other personal data about customers. Along with the preservation and growth of capital, the most important value and priority in the course of our company is the protection of personal as well as financial information.

Personal customer information

  Access to client information is available only to authorized employees of the main office who have completed the full course of necessary training and have signed documents on the company’s privacy policy.

  During registration, when opening an account with our company, personal data of the client is requested. Client information is used solely for business purposes, so that we can work more productively, as well as provide the most efficient service, process requests and transactions faster and more correctly, notify clients on time about new products and services of the company, and provide technical support around the clock .

Personal information is:

  Questionnaires, which are provided by the client in the application when opening an account or other profiles (name, surname, address of residence, date of birth, phone, email).

  Information about all transactions and trades, as well as information regarding cooperation and communication with our company, for example: data on trading activities, reports, balances, business correspondence.

  Personal data that confirms your identity, such as: driver’s license number, passport data, as well as other information that can verify the identity of the client.

Technologies for data protection and security

  Masters Trade, in the course of its work with customers, uses the innovative Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which prevents fraudsters from stealing personal information transmitted over the network. Technologies allow protecting information at the stage of transferring it from a client to our company. We closely monitor developments in the field of cyber security and use only the best programs and the latest developments.

  Security tools also include personal access controls, in order to prevent unauthorized access to customer accounts and information.

Refusal to provide personal information

  Each investor has the full right to refuse to provide personal data about himself and in this case, our company will not be able to open an account or provide our services. Masters Trade, together with the best specialists and innovative technologies, does everything possible for its customers to protect their personal information from intruders and scammers. Information is collected only in order to identify and confirm the identity of the client, as well as to keep cooperation with the company at the best level in order to obtain maximum benefit for the client!


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