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   The Masters have taken a big step towards honesty and publicity with Investors in the work of funds and viewing statistics!

  For the purpose of transparency and openness, the Masters, starting in 2021, have opened real accounts for each of our funds in the amount of $ 30 thousand and below, have placed the Login and Password for Investors to enter the real trading terminal.

  Each Investor, using Login and Password, will be able to enter our trading terminal, see all trade statistics, analyze trading reports for a selected period of time, or watch the online trading of our fund.

  These accounts are not the fund itself, the fund itself contains a large number of accounts, and these accounts were opened by the Masters in order to satisfy the Investor's desires to see our trading reports, and so that the Investor himself could see the trading statistics and reports of our funds. These accounts are included in our fund and the percentage of trade statistics corresponds to the overall profitability of the entire fund.

  In connection with the Privacy Policy of our company, we cannot disclose the names of our Clients, account numbers, or show their profitability. Therefore, we have found a solution to honestly satisfy the desire of our new Investors, without violating the Privacy Policy for existing Investors and so that a potential Investor can see not cut reports and not separate screenshots, as most funds do, but all complete and fair statistics.

  To log into a real account, click on this link, download and install the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal. Enter the data indicated below - Server, Login and Password. You can also download the MetaTrader 4 terminal by opening a demo account.

Masters Trade

Broker: AvaTrade

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Server: Ava-Real 3

Login: 160056272

Password: zUoChTs0


Broker: AvaTrade

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Server: Ava-Real 3

Login: 160056273

Password: aDsAlEw3


Profit of funds in 2019-2020

  Statistics for 2018 - Q1 2019.

  Reports from our former Interactive Brokers broker. In the 2nd quarter of 2019, we changed our prime broker.

  Account numbers, first and last names are hidden links to the privacy policy.

  More detailed detailed statistics at the request of the investor.



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