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  Investing with Masters Trade funds is the best way to increase capital through trading and investing on world stock exchanges. Investing and trading in financial markets is a complex process that requires deep knowledge, experience and professionalism. This process rests with a team of experienced craftsmen, while an investor doesn’t have to do anything, just control his account and look at profit growth.

About investment funds

  The Masters Trade Hedge Fund is a pool of investment funds that are combined by experienced investors in managing funds to profit from investing in financial markets.

  Masters Trade is a team of the best masters (managers) which includes successful traders, experienced hedge fund managers and investor portfolios, assembled by our masters based on the results of successful trading and effective money management over many years of trading.

  Masters Trade Fund provides a personal investment account to our managers in our prime broker, where each manager conducts trading activities on the investor's account.

  All financial relations are built directly between the master and the investor.

  As a rule, through the competent management of investment portfolios by our craftsmen - currencies, stocks, options, bonds, as well as other exchange instruments, the invested funds grow at times, which makes cooperation with the Masters Trade fund the most progressive way of investing and increasing capital.

  Our advantages and the progress of funds affected not only the welfare of investors. Successful activities in the financial markets have received excellent praise from reputable experts.

Why do customers choose Masters Trade?

  • Under our wing, we have gathered a talented and ambitious team that is interested in your success, because your profit is our victory, and we will not accept work at a loss!

  • Stay informed. Who owns the information - that owns the world. This law in particular works in the field of capital appreciation. Over the years, developed financial intuition and knowledge of financial markets can minimize customer risks.

  • Innovative technologies for maximum results! Progress does not stand still and those who are ahead of it break out into the leaders. For years, established relationships allow us to use trading tools that are available to competitors only tomorrow.

  • The whole world is in the palm of your hand. Global access allows you to simultaneously track information, relevant analytics and put on the leader faster than others!

  • The lowest client costs and the best execution as a reliable broker with full regulation and preservation of investor funds.

  • Flexibility and instant adaptation to constantly changing market conditions. We understand that the slightest delay is threatening to collapse, therefore constant monitoring, individual strategies and innovative solutions are three axioms in the work of Masters Trade.

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Why Masters Trade?