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  Over more than 20 years of trading in the financial markets, our craftsmen have worked with so many of the world's leading brokers. We are very demanding on choosing a broker, and in order to recommend a broker to our investors and traders, this broker goes through a very long process of verification by our masters.

AvaTrade - broker of masters

  Starting from the 2nd quarter of 2019, AvaTrade became our prime broker. We changed the prime broker from Interactive Brokers (2009-2019) to AvaTrade (2008 to today).

  For 12 years of work of our masters with AvaTrade, we can highlight the following advantages over competitors:


Solid quotes are directly connected to the Electronic Communication Network


Ability to trade on more than 2000+ instruments from one universal account


MT5 platform, which has no analogues in the world, with a large number of tools


Fast, professional and quality support 24 hours a day, 6 days a week


With no problems and no delays withdrawal of customer funds from a trading account to a bank account


Regulated broker in Europe, Australia, Japan, BVI and South Africa


Offices in 10 countries, support in more than 50 languages, sites in more than 20 languages


Ease of opening an account and managing an account in a personal account of a client


Access to a client’s account through a mobile or web platform anywhere in the world


Competitive in the exchange industry spreads that make it possible to earn


Fractional lots provide an opportunity to build the right risks for the trader

No commission

On all assets there are no commissions and no hidden fees, only a spread


Leverage will allow active traders to create a large portfolio


The broker does not interfere with trade; there have never been requotes, delays, or market prices


Благодаря умным менеджерам компании, брокер стает лидером в индустрии трейдинга

  Masters Trade does not bear any responsibility and no risks when working with a broker, since we are a completely different legal entity and are also only a client of this broker. The advice of our masters when choosing a broker is only advisory in nature.

  Above all, the client is the main principle of Masters Trade. Our company conducts an honest and open policy with its customers and will always be on the side of our client in a dispute with a broker, if any. Masters Trade without hesitation can change the prime broker in cases of unfair work of the broker at the first sign of problems in our investors or traders.



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