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Live Account

  Exchange trading using leverage can lead to a partial or complete loss of funds, therefore, before opening a real account with our prime broker, please read the risk notification and try a demo account.

Open a live account for a trader

  Opening a real account in our prime broker is a simple process and takes more than 10 minutes of client time.

  To open a real brokerage account you need to take 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1. Fill out an application

    Fill out an application in the right menu on this page to identify the trader, receive an individual link and then open a brokerage account. If necessary, the support of traders will contact the client.

  • Step 2. Opening an account

    Go to the website of our prime broker and create your personal brokerage account with your personal account. At this stage, each trader gets his real trading terminal and his access to account management.

  • Step 3. Downloading documents

    A trader in his broker's personal account uploads the necessary documents for his identification: confirmation of the trader’s identity (passport, driver’s license) and confirmation of the address (receipt for utilities, bank statement where the client’s address is indicated).

  • Step 4. Depositing funds

    After opening an account, each trader deposits funds into his personal trading account. You can deposit funds using a bank card or using a bank transfer. The minimum amount to trade is $ 100.


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